Velociraptor skull reconstruction – work in progress –

Velociraptor mongoliensis skull 3/4 front

This skull reconstruction is based on multiple specimens of V. mongoliensis and other close related taxa. The palatal anatomy isn’t pictured well in papers about Velociraptor, therefore I had to look for other related taxa. These include the dromaeosaurs Tsaagan mangas, Linheraptor exquisitus, Deinonychus antirrhopus, Dromaeosaurus albertensis und Bambiraptor feinbergorum, as well as the troodontid Gobivenator mongoliensis.

Note: The reconstruction above still has the wrong premaxillary tooth count of 3 instead of 4.

The base mesh was 3D-printed at the TecLab at the ZHdK

Personal project in 2015 –

Software used:

Autodesk Maya (base model)
Pixologic zBrush (High-Poly-modelling)
Cura (slicing of the cranium and mandible for 3D-printing with an Ultimaker)
PreForm (slicing the teeth for 3D-printing with a Form 1)



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