Velociraptor reconstruction

Step by step reconstruction of a Velociraptor mongoliensis bust.

The appearance of Velociraptor mongoliensis is restored in this image series. The skull is roughly based on the GIN 100/25 “fighting dinosaurs” specimen and is influenced by Jaime A. Headden’s awesome technical illustrations.

Skull and cervical vertebrae of Velociraptor
Skull bones
Skull windows
Jaw muscles

The images above describe all visible skull windows and bones, as well as the jaw muscles of Velociraptor mongoliensis. The musculature is drawn after Holliday (2009).

Neck muscles and soft tissue

The neck muscles are reconstructed after Eric Snively und Anthony P. Russell (2007) and Scott Hartman’s handy anatomical guides.

Life restoration

The colours of the life restoration resemble those of a bird living in a desert or steppe like habitat because Velociraptor lived in a similar environment during the Campanian, in what’s now the Gobi desert in Mongolia. The long display feathers on its head are inspired by the secretarybird (Sagittarius serpentarius).

This image series was created in Photoshop as a part of my portfolio for the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (ZHdK) or Zurich University of the Arts in English.


Holliday, C. 2009. New Insights Into Dinosaur Jaw Muscle Anatomy. The Anatomical Record 292:1246–1265


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